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About Us, The Story

We like to celebrate. With a large family living in close proximity we have many opportunities. On top of that, we have a lineage of creatives, artists in many forms. The combination makes for some over-the-top gatherings. Over the years, balloons have played a major role in the decorations category. Birthday boys and girls would wake up to a decorated kitchen, a pile of presents wrapped to disguise their contents and balloons covering the floor. For parties, we would take things up a notch and incorporate helium balloon bouquets.

Living in the Midwest, we cherish our summer months and the opportunity to get outside. Our outdoor celebrations consist of canopy tents, dining tables and, of course, balloons. For years, we struggled with the helium bouquets outdoors as they battled with the wind. The standard balloon weights just didn’t hold them in place. We tried securing the bouquets to the table with tape and staples – this worked but didn’t look the nicest. One problem solved, we then faced a new obstacle.  The wind transformed a beautiful spray of balloons into a tangled mess of ribbon and balloons.  To add insult to injury, the helium rations over the years would add a new level of uncertainty. Would we be able to get enough? How many stores will we have to visit to find all the balloons (or amount of helium) we needed?

We weren’t ready to give up on balloons just yet. So, instead of trying to solve the problem we thought why not bypass it completely? – so long to helium! We turned to air-filled latex balloons on sticks. We were familiar with this option but had not really considered it until now. After all, we wanted the height that helium offers – how could we do that with air and sticks? A new challenge! 

Early designs took many forms, focusing primarily on reusable fixtures that could be used table-top to floor. The final result was exactly what we were hoping for and created a memorable atmosphere for our big celebration – our son’s graduation party. Guests were impressed, many asked where we purchased our centerpieces. We made them ourselves!

A week later all ten centerpieces, still fully inflated and as beautiful as party-day filled our family room. I was satisfied beyond measure with our balloon solution. I thought, this is an idea we need to share, but why not something affordable that everyone could make themselves?  

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